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    Advantages of plant growth regulators

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    Advantages of plant growth regulators

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    ①Wide range of action and many application fields. Plant growth regulators can be applied to almost all the higher and lower plants in the planting industry, cyanuric chloride, such as field crops, vegetables, fruit trees, flowers, forest trees, kelp, seaweed, edible fungi, etc., and regulate plants The regulation of photosynthesis, respiration, substance absorption and operation, signal transduction, stomata opening and closing, osmotic adjustment, transpiration and other physiological processes can control plant growth and development, improve the interaction between plants and the environment, and enhance crop resistance. Increase the yield of crops, improve the quality of agricultural products, and make the expression of crop agronomic traits develop in the direction people demand.

     ?、赥he dosage is small, the speed is fast, the efficiency is high, and the residual poison is low. Most crops only need to be sprayed once at the specified time in a season.

     ?、?It can double-regulate the external traits and internal physiological processes of plants.

     ?、?Strong pertinence and professionalism. It can solve some problems that are difficult to solve by other means, such as the formation of seedless fruits, the prevention of high winds, the control of plant shape, the promotion of rooting of cuttings, the maturation and coloring of fruits, the inhibition of axillary bud growth, and the promotion of cotton leaf shedding.

     ?、軹he effect of plant growth regulators is affected by many factors, and it is difficult to achieve the best. The climatic conditions, application time, dosage, application method, application site and the absorption, operation, integration and metabolism of the crop itself will all affect its effect.



    Matters needing attention/plant growth regulator 1. Strengthen fertilizer and water management.

    ① Apply fertilizer reasonably. Mainly organic fertilizer, supplemented by chemical fertilizer; re-apply base fertilizer and appropriate topdressing; pay attention to the combined application of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilizers and pay attention to the use of micro-fertilizer; do not apply fruit tree sensitive fertilizers to regulate growth.

    ②Scientific water management. The period to preserve flowers and fruits and increase fruit setting is when fruit trees require a lot of water. If the soil is short of water, water should be filled in time, which can be combined with fertilization. Irrigation should not be carried out under the hot sun at noon, but should be carried out in the evening or morning.

    2. Strengthen tree management.

    ①Sparse flowers and fruits. For fruit trees with too many flowers and fruits, the amount of flowers and fruits that are sparse should be determined according to the specific tree vigor, and the diseased fruits, deformed fruits and over-densified fruits should be eliminated.

    ②Pressure control summer shoots. You can use Guobao to spray water or take the method of topping of new shoots to control the rapid growth of summer shoots, promote reproductive growth, and increase production and income.

    ③Reasonable pruning. Pruning can reduce shading and enhance photosynthesis. It is usually combined after fruit picking or when thinning flowers and fruits. Cut off weak branches, dead branches, cross branches, diseased branches, short cut branches that are too strong to achieve enlarged fruits the goal of.

    3. Strengthen pest control.

    ①Grasp the prevention period. According to the law of occurrence and development of pests and diseases, timely use of pesticides during the critical period of prevention and control will be used to reduce pest damage.

    ② Use pesticides reasonably. One is to choose low-toxic and high-efficiency pollution-free pesticides; the other is to formulate the concentration according to the pesticide instructions, and the concentration should not be too large; the third is to pay attention to the prevention and control methods. Fruit trees are sensitive to pesticides.

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