Closing the gap between client and server side.

Generate a MVC layer for your project that reuse the same code on client and server side.

That's our goal.

Built in Node.js

/home$  npm install -g slot-cli
/home$  ...
/home$  slot create myDemo
/home$  cd myDemo
/home/myDemo$  slot start
 Designer loaded..
 Server loaded..
 REST API loaded..
 Cross Side API loaded..
 Start coding now.. :-)

Open Source

Slot Framework is released under the MIT License and maintained by many collaborators in the GitHub community.

Built in Node.js

Take advantage of the language that really cross the line between platforms and technologies. The nature of JavaScript has become it a language that is used today in many areas like databases (MongoDB), web browsers, and finally Node.js.

Relay on Npm

Node Packaged Modules is the best option to centralize Node.js modules. Slot is deployed on index to easy use and distribution, just type npm install slot-cli in your command line to start coding your project.

Today's technologies

Disruptive client side frameworks are the perfect option to work with Slot, we can accomplish excellent results and a plethora of screen sizes using; Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation, Yahoo UI, JQuery, JQuery UI and many others.

Simple and Natural

Built over the premise, that the native environment of a browser is compounded for HTML+CSS+JavaScript, and today's web designs requires HTML5+CCS3 to ensure responsive and functionality in a lot of screen sizes.

Design and Prototyping First

Slot puts the focus on reuse every piece of work you have done on design/prototyping, that is why Slot provides a methodology to organize the page in fragments, and define data-models that fragments will be using.

Modular Template Engine

A web page contains many spaces to insert data portions. This spaces are called Slots, and the portions are called Fragments, finally, a fragment is binded to a HTML template. This way keep your development using pure and powerful HTML.

RESTful Api

Develop your REST Services faster, use the API to easy implement your web services. The responses can be done as a Single Objects or Array Objects, and built-in Native Server Side Pagination with scrolling methods (current, first, next, last).

Stay Tuned

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Support Us

We work whit passion, love and fully compromised in deliver our best effort in this project. We really appreciate any community support, contributors can work with us as an Open Source project on GitHub.
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Get Started

This are the core topics you need to know to maximise your experince with Slot Framework.

Introducing Slot

After months of hard work we are here, and happy to announce the beta release of an idea that has become a reality. A Cross Side Web Framework that helps us reuse objects on Server Side and Client Side...

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Designing / Prototyping

Learn the most important principle in Slot, how to orchestrate your page in fragments, and how to reuse them on many pages. Also you can use dynamic data to populate your page without necessity of database connections...

Learn more

Generating MVC Layer

Once your design is ready, Slot takes all definitions you have done and automatically generates a MVC for your project. The main feature in the MVC, is that it can be used to render fragments on client and server side...

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Binding Databases

Include Node.js Drivers in your project to connect with MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MS SqlServer, MongoDB and many others. Get knowledge of tips and tricks to lean and faster binding with the MVC Layer...

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REST Api in action

A faster way to develop web services, learn how to relay on the Api Default Convention, return Single/Array Objects, lean implementation of Native Server Side Pagination, and how to scroll lot of data using Api Methods...

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Looking for demos?

Stay tuned with us, we are working hard.

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